Get 1 Year of Periodized

FUNctional Fitness Programming

Save time and effort in designing your programs. Use the workouts "as is", or follow our proven and effective programming framework to quickly and easily modify to the unique needs of your clients.

Originally designed for small group personal training, they work great for private and large groups too!

Why Am I Giving This Away?

You are busy enough!

Let's face it, you are busy training clients and trying to get more people to train with you. Programming is important to ensure great sessions and client results, but it shouldn't take so long!

By using our proven, effective framework as a guide, you will save time, money, and effort while creating FUN, engaging, and skill-based sessions your clients will love.

It's much quicker to modify an existing plan than create a new one from scratch. This frees your time to work with more people, earn more money, and make a greater impact on your clients!

There is a LOT of crappy programming out there!

Whether it's from outdated fitness concepts, a flawed system for program creation, boredom, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the work it takes, the fact is that well-thought out, periodized, and effective fitness programming is rare.

I saw this first hand when hiring trainers and instructors for my own facilities, and realized a change was needed.

That's why I created this simple framework and system to generate programs quickly, painlessly, and to make them easily customizable to virtually any client or group need.

It just makes sense to use this tool since it's at your disposal. Why spend this time when you don't have to.

Periodized, and
Loaded with Variety

Thinking through all the logistics when designing a program can be tough, particularly when you are new to the industry. Industry veterans can sometimes get bored and fall into a rut of doing the "Same old thing".

With these sessions, each day is different, and varies each week and month to gradually build skills and movement competency in your clients.

Let's Be Better

I got into this great industry almost 30 years ago with the goal to help as many people as possible. 

I've build a successful coaching business with several facilities and have spent 15+ years educating other fitness professionals, but I want to give more back to the industry.

We have come a long way, and we must continue raising the bar. This proven and effective programming framework and sample workouts will work well in the hands of smart fitness professionals (like you)!

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I’m so glad that I found Tim and his educational resources. The information is essential to every fitness professional. I can’t wait to start applying everything I’ve learned. 

-Adrian Freeman

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